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was born more than 2500 years ago; created by Buddhist monks, a nomadic people and often frail, they were frequently plundered and robbed by others. Due to their religious beliefs they could not use weapons, and so they developed a form of self-defense. Studying the movements of animals, the monks realized the principle of leverage; allowing a much weaker individual to conquer a stronger, heavier opponent. With the spread of Buddhism this fighting style made its way across Asia, finally arriving in Japan, where it became the asset to the samurai; a class of exceptional warriors, whose job it was to defended their lord and masters, and when necessary, with their life. The samurai mastered several fighting techniques such as knives, spears, bow and arrows and Jiu Jitsu, their chosen hand to hand fighting style. Jiu Jitsu stood out, despite the aggressiveness of time by taking advantage of balance, or the lack of it, and flexibility, which is able to overcome brute force.

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